Cameroonian actors in Berlin from left to right, back row: Herman Nganze, Mr. Ndonze, Mr. Debonze, and Evan Ezanze. Front row: Herman Kessen, H. Steinberg, Louis Brody, Joseph Eque Bilé and Madeze Ecoto, about 1929
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Project room Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City

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Using the example of Berlin, Dekoloniale of Memory Culture in the City tests how a metropolis, its space, its institutions and its society can be examined on a broad level for (post-)colonial effects, how the invisible can be experienced and the visible can be irritated. Learn more...

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Dekoloniale [Hi]stories

makes colonial [h]istories concrete: locally, nationwide and in Germany's former colonies. In cooperation with local initiatives, our interwoven past is digitally mapped. Learn more...

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makes creative and critical examinations of colonial history visible. With festivals, the [re]visions - think tank series and our annual residency program, we bring postcolonial culture of remembrance into public space.
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invites Berlin museums to joint exhibition projects in the east, south, west and north of the city. We advise museums on their projects and on how to deal with collection objects from the colonial context.
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